Yoga Center's Approach

What's our approach to Hatha Yoga Asanas?

We offer authentic Hatha Yoga, which means we teach the asanas or exercises in an easy, natural way. Our teaching style helps busy people enjoy greater relaxation and peace of mind all day.

  • There‚Äôs no straining, you simply move into a pose to the point to your point of comfort and then let go and relax.
  • Our highly trained teachers (trained for over 5 years) will show you how to relax into a pose to gain maximum benefit.
  • Yoga Center classes typically have 2 teachers in each class to assist you in finding the individual Hath Yoga postures routine that fits you best.

People of all ages and abilities enjoy these natural exercises.

For those who want more challenging asanas, but still have the benefits of authentic yoga, we offer an Ashtanga Yoga class.

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