What Qualifies Our Yoga Teachers

What qualifies the instructors to teach the Higher Yogas?

Our teachers' background and experience is one of the main reasons Yoga Center students realize the benefits of yoga quickly. Yoga Center teachers have studied for years with Ramakrishna Ananda, internationally known master of yoga, metaphysics and mysticism.

Notable as a yoga master and one of the few Western-born Gurus in the world, Ramakrishna Ananda was the main teacher at Yoga Center for nearly 25 years. All of our teachers studied beginning, intermediate and advanced techniques with Ramakrishna Ananda for many years, and most have taught under his direct supervision. They then entered teacher training programs which take at least 5 years to complete. Our instructors continue to make his teachings available at Yoga Center, helping hundreds of students in our beginning and advanced classes.

As a Yoga Center student, you will also have the privilege of attending retreats as which Ramakrishna Ananda continues to teach. Retreats are held at the Yoga Center's retreat facility at a scenic mountain site just a two hour’s drive from Orange County.

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