Yoga Center Mountain Retreats

At our retreat facility on Palomar Mountain, a short two-hour drive from Costa Mesa, you will have a chance to go farther in your yoga practice by studying with Yoga Master Ramakrishna Ananda. It is a great environment for more deeply enjoying the relaxation, peace of mind and inner empowerment yoga offers.

Enjoy morning energization, outdoor posture sessions, talks in our amphitheater and large meeting room, deep meditations, private walks and great wholesome food. And, you'll meet some wonderful people.

Anyone who has been in Yoga Center classes for at least one month is eligible to attend our weekend retreats, which are all taught by yoga master Ramakrishna Ananda. Our annual ten-day intensive retreat is available to students who've practiced with us for at least three months.

Our 2022 Retreat Schedule is:

No retreats for 2022

Spring Retreat

Summer Retreat

10-day Retreat

Labor Day Retreat

Fall Retreat

How long has it been since you have enjoyed a complete retreat from daily life? No technology and no chaos. Just blissful peace, good air, postures, delicious food and loving devotees to enjoy! You owe it to yourself to retreat and introduce some self-care into your life a few times a year - at least - and there is no better way to do this than our yoga retreats! Come join us!

Private and shared accommodations are available. Please reserve your space early as retreats often become full.

New students only

Unlimited class attendance
3 months for only
$119 (Regular $225)

Improve your health, have more vitality, peace of mind and better sleep in just 3 months!

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