Ramakrishna Ananda

It's Not Attainment

It's not Attainment but Realization

Peace, Ever-New Joy, Creative Intelligence, Profound Security, The Source of Love, and Inner Power reside within you. Be alert to those moments during the day, or in meditation, or during postures when attributes of your Inner Self float into your awareness — during moments of mental-emotional equilibrium. Later, with development, you will be able to experience these states at will — or even continuously.

Remember, you cannot force yourself to relax, nor to live in higher states, nor to meditate well. You can patiently and lovingly shed tension and turbulence in the wonderful ways you are learning at Yoga Center. But, isn't it satisfying to know you do not have to attain yoga, but rather, you realize it? All you need to do is shed the barriers of tension and focus your consciousness on your Inner Self.

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