About Yoga Center

Unique in Orange County ... and Beyond!

Why are we the only yoga center serving Orange County for over 40 years? And why have thousands of people learned to relax, enjoy greater vitality, peace of mind, health and well being so quickly after starting classes?

Our Unique Method of Teaching

We teach asanas (exercises) in an authentic yoga style, the way they have been taught for centuries by yogis to gain maximum health, vitality and inner peace.

Focus on Meditation
While people really enjoy the way we teach asanas, these exercises are not enough to hold onto the calmness, focus and relaxation and vitality you experience from yoga. That's why all our classes also have a strong focus on meditation.

Finding YOUR Way
We teach meditation techniques from all the main yogas. And our instructors help you find the kind or style of meditation that most quickly gives you that inner peace and joy we all want. In the Higher Yogas part of class, you also discover how you can have a deeper experience of yoga that can lead to enlightenment.

The Background and Experience of Our Teachers

Quality of Training
All our teachers studied yoga for years with yoga master, Guru and founder of the Yoga Center, Ramakrishna Ananda.

Length of Training
Our teacher training typically takes 5 years.

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Unlimited class attendance
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Improve your health, have more vitality, peace of mind and better sleep in just 3 months!

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