Sunday Morning Celebration

Sunday Morning Celebration

Join us at Sunday Morning Celebrations of the Spiritual World Society where people of all faiths come together to worship and infuse their lives with Spirit.

Our spiritual celebration includes an inspiring talk, meditation, and devotional music. Sunday Morning Celebrations are free and open to everyone.

We welcome people of all spiritual paths at our Sunday Morning Celebrations where new folks, friends and family gather to explore and celebrate God’s love and presence – the source of all lasting happiness and fulfillment.

As we explore the wonders of God, Spirit, and the Divine Consciousness within us, we develop greater inner strength, creativity and a sense of life’s purpose.

New students only

Unlimited class attendance
3 months for only
$119 (Regular $225)

Improve your health, have more vitality, peace of mind and better sleep in just 3 months!

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Some of you have asked how you can support Yoga Center during these difficult times. Because we can’t offer in-person classes or events now, your donation of any size will make a difference, and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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