All the Main Yogas

All the main yogas

All the Main Yogas

Want to find the fastest way to have a deeper experience of peace, joy and inner power? Discover the kind of yoga that suits your individual nature! The best way to find the yoga path that’s right for you is to sample the different yoga paths. Unlike most other studios, we teach all the main yogas at Yoga Center of California.

Ashtanga Yoga follows the 8-fold path of Patanjali, which is a guide for living a more fulfilled life. Ashtanga yoga asanas build strength, tone the nervous system and prepare you for higher levels of awareness. Combined with the asanas, Ashtanga yoga meditation techniques and the 8-fold path practices can help you cultivate body, mind and spiritual awareness.

Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of love and devotion and is the best kind of yoga for people who are dominantly of an emotional nature. Bhaktas, people who practice Bhakti yoga, are relationship-oriented. Bhatki yoga practices incorporate mantram meditations; chanting; kirtans (devotional singing) to help you have a relationship with the Lord of your heart and experience higher states of consciousness.

Hatha Yoga uses postures (asana) and conscious breathing (pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility, and relaxation. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a sense of well being. Most people practice Hatha Yoga along with other yoga meditation paths and practices.

Jnana Yoga is the yoga of wisdom and is the best kind of yoga for people who are dominantly intellectual. Jnanis, people who practice Jnana yoga, seek union with higher consciousness due to “pure knowledge.” They practice discrimination between what leads them to higher consciousness and what leads them in other directions. Jnana yoga meditation practices involve withdrawing the mind and emotions from their busyness to center and experience higher consciousness.

Karma Yoga is the yoga of action. The Karma yogi is someone who practices selfless service. By doing acts of selfless service for others, character flaws are transformed and the attention turns more easily to higher consciousness. Since yoga defines love as giving of the self, the karma yogi is the epitome of love, who achieves high states of consciousness through action. Most people who practice other yoga paths also do karma yoga because of its life-transforming qualities.

Laya Yoga focuses on the chakras; the subtle energy centers along the spine. Laya yoga involves meditating on these energy centers that serve as doorways to higher realms of consciousness. Laya yoga cleanses the mind and body, preparing them for higher states of awareness. People often practice Laya Yoga meditations along with other yoga paths.

Raja Yoga is known as the royal path of meditation. As a king maintains control over his kingdom, so can you maintain control over your own “kingdom”—the vast territory of the mind. Raja yoga meditations and pranayams train the mind to focus on one point, with the aim of calming the mind using a succession of steps with the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Raja yoga is best suited to people who want to attune their will so they know what higher consciousness wants them to do.

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