Ramakrishna Ananda

Visualize Yourself

Visualize Yourself Moving Forward

Don't think of yourself as a beginner who will never be good at the postures or meditation — like most of us self-consciously did when we began. Instead, picture yourself enjoying and advancing in yoga. With a delightful feeling, visualize yourself doing the postures and meditating like a "champ." As you give yoga and yourself a chance, you will likely find yoga is a most worthy part of your life — as all of our staff and many of our present students have.

You too, are welcome to make a night or morning of yoga a precious part of your life for months and years to come. But think about it from time to time, and let yoga be an important impetus for greater personal fulfillment.

When you're ready you can become a member of our Intermediate class. And picture yourself joining the Advanced Class. After one year of class, when you are joyfully doing yoga an hour each day and you're convinced yoga is for you, ask your teachers about the requirements and request an interview.

Keep these possibilities in mind during your awkward times. Everyone else felt shy and unworthy in their early days of yoga. Have good will for the beginning, give yourself a chance, and you'll do just fine. In your mind's eye, see yourself free of tension, free of turbulence, and enjoying the richness of life.

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