Ideals of the Spiritual World Society

Ideals of the Spiritual World Society

Inspired by the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna

  1. Love, tolerance and appreciation for people of all other faiths.
  2. We recognize that this is a spiritual world being comprised essentially of Spirit (conscious energy).
  3. All people are spiritual beings, individual expressions of the Divine.
  4. Each person is called in his or her own way to make mind and body subtle enough to attune with the Soul and with the Lord.
  5. Man's yearning for God, love and wisdom is natural, valid and divine.
  6. All the main religions are from God, provided by His infinite love and wisdom.
  7. Religion must be dynamic.
  8. When devotees of different paths embrace their path fully and experience the Lord's nature, we believe they will become tolerant and appreciative of the other God-given religions.
  9. Religious differences are as important as their similarities. In appreciating the views of others one will often be enriched and inspired on one's own path.
  10. Spiritual pride, bigotry and exclusivity limit the seeker from spiritual experience.
  11. The living Soul in each person actively yearns for a spiritual relationship.
  12. The living Soul in each person actively strives for a dynamic, creative expression of Truth, beauty and Goodness.
  13. Suffering and confusion is a result of man trying to halt his Soul's creative, loving expression of spiritual values.
  14. You, the aspirant, are precious in the eyes of the Lord. Your individuality is God-given and the ego is not to be hated but appreciated and developed into a spiritual individuality.
  15. God can be experienced in both form and formlessness.
  16. Meditation and prayer are among the most direct ways to experience God, one's Soul and divine realities.
  17. Through devoted meditation and prayer, the cells of the physical body become divinized, spiritually transformed to enter a new dimension of interplay with one's Creator.
  18. A new species of man is thus emerging. The divinized body is developed through receiving spiritual radiance into every thought, breath and cell.
  19. Through the divinized body, a new relationship is established between God and man. It is Nitya Lila, the eternal play of love between the devotee and his or her dear Lord God.
  20. The purpose of spiritual practice is to become attuned enough to realize that the Kingdom of God is at hand, that God is here and now.
  21. Yoga is helpful to balance emotions, strengthen the body and concentrate the mind for spiritual enlightenment.
  22. Enlightenment is often gradual, a continuous, every-new process, always developing. Spontaneous awakening is rare, but also occurs.
  23. Satan is the desire nature of the human race and of each individual. Satan has no power over one who daily chooses to sacrifice his or her selfish desires.
  24. Labeling the religious views of others as Satanic is Satanic in itself. May God bless us to value the views and beliefs of all other sincere devotees of all paths.
  25. Repressed, ignored desires always cause sorrow. Desires, when faced with clarity and meditation, are transformed by God's power and one's character becomes stronger.
  26. In order to progress on the path, the emphasis must be on the loving (redemptive) nature of God rather than on sin.
  27. God is Divine Mother as well as Father and Son, available to all seeking comfort, delight and refuse.
  28. One ideally lives from Spirit first. If you allow, the higher plane always controls the lower.
  29. There is no end to God realization. No matter what you have realized, there is something more.
  30. Individual spiritual experiences, thoughts and actions help all of humanity because they radiate love and energy to the whole planet Your individual experiences and realizations benefit all other lives on this good earth.

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