Spiritual World Society

Spiritual World Society

Spiritual World Society - Sunday Morning Celebrations

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10 am for a spiritual celebration. Everyone is welcome.

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Sri Ramakrishna, one of the great yogis of the last century, said that it is important to appreciate, not just tolerate people of all spiritual paths. Our spiritual service is a celebration of many different paths.

The celebration begins at 10 am with a spiritual talk and devotional chanting that goes until 11:15 am. You can leave then or stay for more chanting and a devotional service called Arati from 11:15 am 11:30 am.

The talks focus on the spiritual aspects of yoga as well as many different paths such as Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.

People of all faiths come together and worship the form of God or Infinite Consciousness that is most precious to them. Members of the group, which calls itself the Spiritual World Society, pray and strive for goodwill between all people, nations, races and religions.

Sunday Morning Celebrations are a great way to infuse your week with spirit. Feel free to bring your kids to our Sunday School.

Sunday Celebration Schedule, Services starts at 10 a.m.

May 5 The Light of Your Soul Garden
Presented by Atmarati

One of our long-time devotees will share another talk in his series on past lives from his years of study on spirituality and science.

Join us for an interesting morning of sharing on an intriguing topic.

At SWS every Sunday we chant and worship together and have wonderful opportunities to hear from various other members on the yoga path.

May 12 Sri Ma Bhaktifest

In celebration of the life of one of the spiritual lights of our Center, we will be focusing on Sri Sarada Devi.

We will dive deep into her vibration as various members of our community read from her teaching and biographies; chant and meditate together.

Join us this morning for what has become a favorite Sunday Morning Celebration format.

May 19 Ramakrishna Ananda Joins us at SWS

Ramakrishna Anandaji, Founder of the Yoga Center and SWS, will speak this morning.
Please join us for a morning of worship together and an opportunity to hear him speak and share on spiritual topics, inspiring us all in our individual yoga practices as he shares insights for our paths.

May 26 Long Meditation 

Today we will meditate together for about 45 minutes and our focus will be on the Yoga Center, Spiritual World Society and Palomar Mt Project - we will dedicate the fruits of the meditation that these organizations be strong and successful in Sharing Yoga with Others.

Please join us for worship, chanting and the meditation. There is great ease and strength in meditating with a group, especially with those who have been meditating for many years. 
June 2 It's Time for That Talk
Presented by Ramakrishna Das

One of the leaders of YCII and a favorite SWS speakers will share a focus on prayer and how, when in the presence of the Divine we want to remember to 'speak up'.

His talks are always full of ways to grow in Spirit and our own Yoga practice. Everyone is welcome, please join us for a morning of chanting, meditation and growth in yoga.
June 9 Polishing the Mirror (or at least let's wipe the dust away)
Presented by Narendra

In life, things happen around us and things happen to us. What matters is what happens inside us. One of our regular SWS speakers will share how to use our yoga practices to help us focus on what is happening within us and to use those tools to enrich our daily lives.

Join us for an inspiring talk along with our regular morning activities of worship and chanting. 
June 16 Father's Day Kirtan

We will spend the morning together singing chants and deepening our connection to Spirit.
June 23 There will be no SWS or Sunday night class due to the 10 day retreat.
June 30 There will be no SWS or Sunday night class due to the 10 day retreat.

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