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Spiritual World Society

Spiritual World Society - Sunday Morning Celebrations

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10 am for a spiritual celebration. Everyone is welcome.

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Sri Ramakrishna, one of the great yogis of the last century, said that it is important to appreciate, not just tolerate people of all spiritual paths. Our spiritual service is a celebration of many different paths.

The celebration begins at 10 am with a spiritual talk and devotional chanting that goes until 11:15 am. You can leave then or stay for more chanting and a devotional service called Arati from 11:15 am 11:30 am.

The talks focus on the spiritual aspects of yoga as well as many different paths such as Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.

People of all faiths come together and worship the form of God or Infinite Consciousness that is most precious to them. Members of the group, which calls itself the Spiritual World Society, pray and strive for goodwill between all people, nations, races and religions.

Sunday Morning Celebrations are a great way to infuse your week with spirit. Feel free to bring your kids to our Sunday School.

Sunday Celebration Schedule, Services starts at 10 a.m.

May 7 & 14 Ramakrishna Ananda Joins Us!

The founder of the Yoga Center is with us for Sunday morning service. Please join us for this opportunity to hear a Yoga Master speak.

His talks are always inspiring and fun and everyone comes away with something new to help them grow in their yoga practice. Everyone is welcome we hope you can come!

May 21 Another Thorn to Deal With
Presented by Mitra

Our speaker this week will talk about what Ramakrishna called "The Golden Needle," Compassion. Using compassion as a way to deal with the thorns that we may pick up from daily living.

Please join us for an inspiring sharing by a fellow devotee on the path as well as chanting and meditation as SWS gathers for a morning or worship. Everyone is welcome!

May 28 Devotee Chakra

This week at Sunday morning service we will be doing what is called a "devotee chakra." This is a beautiful way for a spiritual community to come together and pray for each other.

This service was introduced to us by Ramakrishna Ananda and comes from the Indian ashram tradition. Everyone is welcome, so please join us.

June 4  Your Soul and Its Attributes

Bharata presents the next part in his series on Guruji's talks to be released on CD. Guruji explores what it is like to abide in your true nature. Everyone is welcome to hear Ramakrishna Anandaji's words and Bharata's beautiful insights.
June 11 Medidtating with the Buddha

This week at SWS, Priti, one of our long-time members, leads us in a variation of our long meditation morning.

She will share readings from the Dhammapada (translated by Eknath Easwaran,) and Old Path White Clouds by Thich Nat Hahn.

We will meditate along with the Buddha on the night of his Enlightenment. Please join us for what will surely be a deep and inspiring morning.
June 18 The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams
Presented by Rubin Naiman, PhD

Rubin, a long-time friend of our dear devotees Sevamayi and Surendra, is our guest speaker today and this explains the subject of his talk today:

"Better nights make for much better days." Deep sleep and wild dreams support mood, creativity, memory, health and your spiritual practice. Dr. Rubin offer a truly innovative, integrative approach to sleep and dreams that blends the best of sleep sicence with complementary and alternative medicine.

He draws from an extensive background in Jungian psychology, yoga, mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral approaches, and the work of Jerry Seinfeld. This presentation focuses on transforming our relationship with sleep and dreams as well as basic suggestions for managing sleeplessness.

Dr. Rubin is a world leader in the development of integrative and spiritual approaches to sleep and dreams. He is the sleep specialist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, directed by Dr. Andrew Weil. Rubin provides trainings around the globe including sleep and dream retreats at yoga ashrams.

His work has been featured on NPR, Dr. OZ, WebMD, The NY Times, Time Magazine, Yoga Journal, HuffPost and more. Rubin has authored a number of ground-breaking works on sleep and dreams including Hush: A Book of Bedtime Contemplations, Healing Night, and The Yoga of Sleep CD.

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